About the Artist

I began my work as a senior in high school. I was able to take an art class called Experimental Art. The class centered around traditional methods of art that had been replaced with new technologies.  One method we studied was a book binding technique called Japanese Stab Binding.


As a lover of movies and theater, I began to recreate movie props, and learned more about various book binding techniques. This lead me to use many different types of materials and processes, as well as an in depth study of the history of book making.


I began to work with other book binders to hone my craft and share techniques. The world of handcrafted books is akin to a secret society, a niche group, and in the modern world they are rare. We cherish our opportunities to work together, and work to teach each other. We also strive to create our own signature technique.


My artistic breakthrough came as I neared the end of my time in college. I was finishing my masters degrees and working for the dean of the business school as a graduate assistant. The dean had become a dear friend and mentor to me, and I wanted to get him a gift to say thank you as I would be leaving soon.


I knew he needed something with a slim profile and a professional look as he was always carrying too much in his briefcase and was constantly in and out of meetings with various important players in our small world. I began to work on a binder, and eventually created what would become our Slim Cut Murdy No. 1 Refillable Leather Binder. With a clean stitch-less design, 5-6oz full grain cowhide leather, and galvanized steel hardware, the final design was beautiful and could last decades. After I gave him the binder, he turned around and ordered 30 more for the other faculty and staff in the school of business. I decided there might be a market for this, and the order became the first for new Murdy Creative Co.

The Murdy No. 1 became my foundation to many other variations on the same theme. The best journals are the ones that are simple in design, made from the absolute best quality materials, and will last for generations.

I believe that there is a creator in all of us. My continued hope is to provide my community with ways to create their perfect journals. What we carry with us is an extension of who we are. I believe it should be the best.


Colin Murdy



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