Brand Ambassador Program

Earn some money while giving your friends, family, and co-workers a discount. Our 10/10 program gives your referrals 10% off of their order, and you receive 10% of their order.

Please take a minute to look over our Brand Ambassador Program Rules. NOTE: by submitting your application you agree to abide by these rules. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss them further.

Fill out the application below if you would like to join our team. We will review your application, and if you are approved we will send you your code. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us

Guidelines and Rules

  • The Brand Ambassador shall support and reflect the company in the best light and both parties reserve the right to end the relationship at any point for any reason

  • The Brand Ambassador will receive fees of 10% of gross sales revenue minus any sales tax of each book purchased as indicated by the use of the contractor’s referral code at point of sale. Payments of these fees will occur as bulk transactions no later than 14 days after the product has shipped minus and returns fees.

  • All refunds granted to customers will incur a refund fee to the contractor equal to the consultants fee that was previously paid to the consultant. This fee will be subtracted from the contractors payment balance. In the case that the payment balance is zero, a negative balance will exist, to be paid back no later than 14 days after it is incurred pending the balance remains negative.

  • Any part of this agreement can be changed at any point with the agreement of both parties

  • Open, honest, and transparent communication will occur between parties to ensure proper representation

  • Both parties will work together in good faith, not undermining or subverting the other party.

  • In the event of a breach of this agreement, penalties will be decided through third party arbitration.

  • This agreement can be dissolved only if there are no pending contract breach concerns that have not reach resolution. All parties agree to mutual non-disparagement. Payments for any balance must occur within 30 days from dissolution.

  • If the Brand Ambassador fails to acknowledge at least three attempts at communication over the course of 30 days the agreement will be considered dissolved.

Tax Information

Our Brand Ambassadors are treated as independent contractors for tax purposes. For those successful team member who earn more than $600 in a given tax year, we will need to issue a 1099 MISC tax form to you and will need more information. We will contact you when you are getting close so please be sure to put down a good contact email. We will withhold any money above $599 until we get all the important information. For more details, please feel free to contact us to learn about all the ins and outs of the program.  

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