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Each of our different product lines were created with a different core purpose in mind. 

Is it refillable?

Yes! All of our products are designed to be refilled! The Murdy No.1 holds regular letter paper punched with a standard three hole punch. The Murdy No. 2 holds a hardcover journals (such as a Moleskine and Leuchtturm1917). The Murdy No. 3 holds a regular legal pad secure with two steel posts. You can find a two hole punch that will work to refill your No. 3 at home here:

Why did my hardware kit come with an empty envelope?

We include 5 sets of different sized screw posts with our Murdy No. 1 to allow you to be able to hold different amounts of paper in your binder. The empty envelope is for the posts that are currently assembled in the binder. If you choose to change the post size, we provide the envelope to store your original posts in.

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