Face Masks

In the height of World War II, the Parker Pen Company tasked its manufacturing capability to craft munitions for the war effort. In the same spirit, I have shifted a portion of our production to craft face masks. 

We have created a high quality washable cloth mask, with ties, a stainless steel nose piece, and a pocket to hold our MERV 14 disposable filters. This allowed us to use less filter material, with a better seal, for a better product. Read more about what MERV Rating means here.

To get the most out of your filter packs, separate each filter into a separate plastic bag and number the bags 1-10. Each day use a new filter from a new bag, being careful to wash your hands before inserting the filter. At the end of the day, replace that filter in its designated bag and move on to the next one the next day. Once you reach the final bag, you can start over with the first filter in the initial bag. The best currently available data shows that Covid-19 is not able to survive on plastic beyond 5 days. By using this system, each filter is sealed in plastic for at least 9 days before reuse. For best results, place the packaged filters in direct sunlight as UV radiation seems to also help kill the virus. Each filter should maintain its filtration capability for about 6 months. If the filter shows any signs of physical degrading or wear, please replace as that may affect its effectiveness

We are working with local healthcare facilities as well as our local government to help supply their desired quantities, and will also be offer these masks to our community as well. These masks are not FDA approved, but are designed to filter out particulate between 0.3 microns and larger in diameter when the disposable filter is installed. Read more about the effectiveness of filtered masks here.


We will be creating a donation pool of masks to help supply those who may not otherwise be able to find masks and need them. A portion of every journal, binder, or folio purchased will go to help build that pool. 


During these difficult times, we want to help our community to stay healthy and appreciate your support.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at Sales@MurdyCreative.co


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