Our design principles are based in simple, functional, beautiful art, made from the best quality materials available. We use only 5-6oz Full-Grain Cowhide leather, sourced from Missouri, Canada, and Mexico. We craft and assemble our binder in Wisconsin. Our industrial glavanized steel hardware allows for adjustment in page thickness from 1-150 pages at the twist of a screw. We met with many suppliers from all around the country to ensure that we could supply the best leather to our clients. Leather is singularly unique. Each piece is scored with stretch marks, scars, and other remnants of the life of the cow. This means each journal is one of a kind, while still matching beautifully in a set. If you have any questions about our leather, or are interested in more details, feel free to contact us at for more information

Our 5-6 oz Full Grain Cowhide leather is semi-stiff with a smooth, soft texture.

We work diligently to ensure our leather and post from both our domestic and international manufacturers meet the highest quality standards. Assembled in Wisconsin.

Top grade

galvanized steel screw posts for easy adjustment from 1-150 pages


Classic, soft to touch, flexible cover with even grain and slight discoloration when bent.


Rich deep red brown, smooth to touch, even grain and medium discoloration when bent.


Warm lighter coloring with possible dark spotting. Semi-soft, smooth to touch.


Smooth Black, flexible cover with even grain and even coloring throughout when bent.


Gray brown, Smooth to touch, semi-stiff with distressed grain. High discoloration when bent

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