Creating a Masterpiece

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

500 years ago Leonardo Da Vinci set out to understand the human anatomy. We honor his work through our Masters collection. See the process of how we developed our incredible binder.

Where do we begin?

For our engravings we need a few design elements. First we want to select a high resolution image, ideally black and white, with the right license for us to create our works without legal concerns.

Then we edit the document to eliminate the grayscale and create a "clean" two tone design.
This is important during the engraving process as the laser is either burning or not, so we need to ensure the image is either black or white.

Leather Selection

Each piece of leather is unique. We use only the best American made cowhide leather in our projects, and the very best of the best go into our masters collection. We carefully review each piece of leather to find the ones with the best color, texture, and grain similarity. These factors help give us a sense of the topography below the surface of the leather, within the leather. Imperfections in the core of the leather can cause the engravings to have uneven burning. For most of our engravings this isn't an issue due to their contained engraving locations.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a very input sensitive process. Changing the laser power, speed of the laser head, or placement of the image can create different results. We have developed a testing process to ensure that each engraving comes out clean and beautiful.

See it in our shop for more details

If you would like to see a new addition to our Masters collection just comment below. Or if you want to see your designs on a cover, contact us and lets work on your custom design.

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