Get a 6-pack for your party! You get 6 Vialamps, and we donate 6 lamps in the developing world!  Batteries only included in ones being donated.

6 - Pack + 6 Donation


This reward level gives you six Vialamp and donates six lamps to those who need it most, helping fight the nearly 4.3 million deaths that occur annually due to the use of kerosene fuel. Thank you for joining us!

A Vialamp is 9 inches long and 1.315 inches in diameter. It features a zoomable lens that allows for more efficient charging of the glow tube, or a light that travels farther. Also, the flashlight has three modes, high beam, low beam, and strobe which can easily be switched between by pressing the rubber button on the end. Obviously we warn anyone that shining lights directly in your eye can cause damage and we ask that you please don't do that. These lights are powered by a single AA battery, which are only included in the lamps being donated, although we do offer the best lithium AA batteries on the market, that keep our Vialamp going for 3 hours straight or over 70 hours using our 2 minutes lamp on charging of the glow, as an upgrade for $2 in our store. The light is modular, and the impact resistant plastic and lens separate from the electronic lamp component, allowing you to charge it up and give just the plastic part to the kids. We advise you to read more below about legal disclaimers and warnings associated with Vialamp since our legally-inclined friends worked so hard on it. Thank you for supporting our mission.


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