- Refillable with 8.5"x11" Legal Pad

- Compatible with 3 hole punch​

- Pre-Installed with Pen and Insert

- 1 Easy Access & 2 Privacy Pockets

- Fits Tablets up to 11.75" x 8.75"




Known worldwide as the foundation of individual freedom and of the enduring grand experiment that is the United States of America, the Bill of Rights has stood the test of time. Laser etched deep into the cover, this representation of the US Bill of Rights will last for generations.


Engraved on the back of the folio are the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, and 24th ammendments. Through great sacrifice, the Constitution has been expanded to include these vital amendments. They serve to further realize the ideal that people regardless of race, gender, religion or income are equal under the eyes of the law and are deserving of the rights, privileges, and immunities granted to citizens of this great nation.


Our Patriotic collection seeks to uphold the iconograpy that has been a statement of our American traditions. In line with that tradition, our folios are made from the highest quality materials available. We use oil-tanned, full-grain, 5 oz cowhide to ensure that the leather will last for decades. 

Built to work with the classic legal pad (8.5"x11.75") this folio uses two or three screwposts to hold the writing pad securely in place. Easily turn any legal pad into a refill with a standard top two hole punch or standard three hole punch


Each of our Murdy No. 3 folios will come with a pre-installed writing pad as well as a  stainless steel and gold trim Parker Jotter. Hardcover backed in 8-9 oz water buffalo leather, the writing pad has a firm feel in hand. 

Feel confident that your journal is the best money can buy. Murdy Creative Co. would love to hear your stories. Use the #MurdyNo3 or #MurdyCreativeCo to see and hear about our community today.

If you are interested in bulk/corporate pricing or any type of custom engraving, please contact us at Sales@MurdyCreative.Co to work with our talented designers.

Constitution Executive Cut - Refillable Leather Folio

Additional Engraving
Slide In Pocket

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