A water-resistant, dust-proof, shock absorbing, lightweight lamp with a 4000 mAh battery, two USB outputs, and a integrated solar panel for sustainable charging. LED panel has three functions, high, low, and strobe, as well as an emergency ultra-low power LED.



This Reward level gives you a Solamp and donates one to those who need it most, helping fight the nearly 4.3 million deaths that occur annually due to the use of kerosene fuel. Thank you for joining us!

Our Solamp is a water resistant, dust-proof, shock absorbing external battery pack. Our 1.2w, 12 LED panel provides bright, directional light and can run for 80 hours on high setting, and even longer on the half light setting. The LED panel has three functions, high, low, and strobe, and can be turned on by clicking and holding the button to turn it on, and then clicking the button to switch between functions. Solamp has two USB outputs at 5V/1A, that can be used to charge other devices, including the rechargable USB batteries that come with our camping package. Unfortunately, current solar technology makes it impossible to get high amounts of power from panels the size of the palm of your hand, but despite these challenges, our solar panel produces 500mW under optimal light conditions, which will fully charge the battery after 30 hours. The lamp will work for over 8 hours with 3 hours of charging.

We advise you to read more below about legal disclaimers and warnings associated with Vialamp since our legally-inclined friends worked so hard on it. Thank you for supporting our mission.


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