Vialamp is simple. We realized that most of the lights power was being lost due to the light being emitted in the invisible spectrum. 



Due to popular demand, we have launched our very own solar powered lamp. 

Solamp is a dust proof, water-resistant, shock dampening external battery pack. 

With a real battery capacity of 4000 mAh this lamp can provide over a week of full panel lamp light.

The truth behind solar powered external battery packs is that there is no solar panel that is the size of your hand that can fully charge a large battery in a day. At 500 mW of power, our panel is efficient, but small. 

The solar panel is more than adequate though for charging the lamp and can keep the lights on, even when there are a few days of clouds. As a camping, or safety lamp, Solamp is the tool you want on your belt.

These panels work very well with our rechargeable batteries to help keep our environmental impact low. Check out our camping packages if you are looking at traveling.


Vialamps in Kenya


The World Health Organization conducted a study in 2012 that found that 4.3 million die every year due to using fuels such as kerosene for light. The smoke given off by these fuels cause stroke, pulmonary diseases, pneumonia, amongst other diseases.

This number takes into account data from hospital visits, but many people in poor, developing parts of the world don't go to the hospitals when they get sick. 

We work with missionary partners to help ensure that every lamp we give out gets from us here, to the people in these parts of the world, without theft or destruction. 

Imagine if you lived without the electric lights. We are planning on donating Solamps, as they fit better with the people's need on the ground.  







How long does the LED's stay on after a day in the sun?

It depends on the lighting conditions. If it is bright light, 3 hours of sun should keep the lights on for about 5-8 hours that night.

How long will my Vialamp stay on with regular AA batteries?

With the Energizer Ultimate Lithium (The best AA batteries on the market) Vialamp will stay on for about 3 hours continuously.